Digital recruitment, done by digital practitioners.


Celebrating our 'Best Newcomer' award win with client's, at the Marketing & Digital Recruitment Awards (MDRA's) in 2016.

Our story

Digital People was founded in 2015 by Ed Schofield, who spent close to two decades heading-up digital marketing and large-scale digital transformation for leading brands including Lloyds TSB Insurance,, John Lewis, Electrocomponents plc, and Expedia.
Having built numerous digital teams over the years, Ed became increasingly frustrated by the general lack of knowledge when it came to recruiting digital roles. As someone who positions himself as a 'digital practitioner who does recruitment' rather than a 'recruiter', he explains:
"It was clear to me that the majority of 'specialist' digital recruitment agencies we dealt with were simply traditional recruiters that had expanded into digital to satisfy market demand. As a hiring manager I was often left feeling completely under-whelmed, when having briefed an agency they would come back with profiles that were miles off the brief.
This was because the recruiter inevitably had zero industry experience. They didn't just lack a proper understanding of the skills or nuances of digital skillsets, often they just didn't have a clue what they were looking for, and lacked the knowledge to properly interrogate and probe a candidates experience.
My frustrations were often shared by peers in the industry, many of whom seemed to be really struggling to find good people using recruitment agencies. I'd also experienced frustration on the other side of the fence as a candidate myself - often speaking with recruiters who couldn't really understand what I'd achieved in previous roles, or what I was looking for in my next move.
Eventually I decided enough was enough, and launched Digital People in the belief that digital recruitment could, and should, be done better."
Digital People put cultural fit first and foremost
"We understand that recruitment is about more than a transaction. Many agencies are target-led and you'll be working with a recruiter who is likely measured on how many candidates he sends to an interview in a given week, how many roles he's filled in a month, and what his quarterly billings look like.
Of course, as a business we need to make money, but I'm driven by putting the perfect candidate into the absolutely the right role, at exactly the right time for both parties - that's when great things happen.
As a recruiter I have quite a small interaction with someone in the grand scheme of things, but if I do my job properly I can change the course of someones career. And I'm critically aware of the impact on a clients business if they hire the wrong person, both in terms of costs if things go wrong, but also on the wider business and morale. I see recruitment as a huge responsibility, and a real privilege.
We've made the decision to stay small, and to concentrate on doing one thing really, really well. We don't have massive sales teams and big offices to pay for, so we can work on on fewer roles to a much higher standard, and concentrate on delivering the highest quality recruitment, and the best value for money for clients"
To-date, our approach has seen us win the coveted 'best newcomer' award at the MDRA's (Marketing & Digital Recruitment Awards) where the judges recognised Digital People’s "commitment to creating a philosophy based around the candidate experience, and exceptional client service levels" in 2016, as well as being short-listed as finalists for 'Best Niche Sector Agency' and 'Best Client Service' in 2018.
Championed by clients for our proactive, people-focused approach, we have helped hiring companies source outstanding digital talent here in the UK, throughout Europe, the US and Asia.
For help with your next digital hire, call 0333 772 1563 or email ku.oc.elpoep-latigid%40de.