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As former digital practitioners, we have either worked in, hired, or managed many of the roles we now help recruit for. Our client-side experience gives us a fairly unique perspective of digital, and a deep understanding of what 'good looks like for hiring companies and candidates alike. Our working knowledge of digital marketing, tech, e-Commerce, and transformation, enables us to help shape the brief and get out to market faster.
Driven by creating the perfect match, our focus is not just about finding potential candidates with the necessary hard skills. We want to find the right person who will fit culturally well into your organization and will navigate your organization effectively in order to achieve your objectives.

What we do

Team Builds & Projects

Whether you're migrating digital services in-house or building a new digital marketing team from the ground up, we can help to future-proof the needs of your business.

Performance & Interim Search

Helping clients during periods of growth, transition or absence, we draw on our extensive network of experienced permanent & contract practitioners, to help identify the best digital people in the market fast - saving you time, money & frustration.

Executive Search

Our proactive headhunt helps clients secure the most business critical digital leadership & board level hires. No matter how challenging the brief, we work around the clock to find the most experienced candidates, anywhere in the world, to the tightest of deadlines.

Digital People took the time to understand our business challenges and digital program. They gained valuable insight into what we’re trying to achieve and got under the skin of our market. All were new roles to the business so we weren’t really sure what we were looking for.
They really demonstrated their expertise and sourced experienced and energetic individuals who we believed would make something happen. These roles were key for us as once in place we planned to build teams around them. The impact they made was immediate I couldn’t be happier.

Richard Martin, Digital Director, Arco Ltd

Client Testimonials

“Ed supported us on one of the key roles in our digital transformation journey. We enjoyed working with Ed and he succeeded in delivering within the project timelines, with the additional challenge of working with stakeholders across several countries. What impressed us was that Ed, true to his word, flew out to Singapore to meet all the candidates in person. Ultimately, the successful hire has settled into our culture and the role well, and has delivered a measurable impact to our marketing results.”

Head of People, IDP Pty

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Executive search for a

Head of e-Commerce & Team

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Executive search for a

Digital Transformation Director

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Performance search for a

Chief Executive Officer

How we work

    For us the brief is one of the most critical parts of the process. We're not aiming to find anyone or someone; the person we find needs to be the one.
    Where circumstances allow, we always try to spend as much time with key stakeholders as possible, to help form a detailed set of requirements and a thorough understanding of wider business objectives. Most importantly, it's a chance to get a feel for the company culture and form a view of the type of person that not only has the right hard skills for the role, but who will fit culturally well into a client's organisation.
    We're looking for a two way match, which is why we have such an incredible retention rate.


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