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6 ways to retain digital talent

6 ways to retain digital talent

In the jobseekers’ market digital employers find themselves in today, businesses must do more to retain their strongest staff.

Much like all commodities, high caliber digital specialists can often go to the highest bidder – something that’s becoming increasingly common thanks to the UK’s digital skills gap.

Across all industries staff retention is a very real problem with 2014 data released by LinkedIn finding that “42% of users recently left a job they would have stayed in if there was more opportunity for them there”.

In a fiercely competitive market digital employers need to set themselves apart, and add real value. Proactively putting systems and benefits in place to not only guarantee the hires they want, but to ensure employees stay.

Here are six ways employers can maintain competitive advantage.

1. Think of talent acquisition in the long-term

By planning for the roles that might be required in the medium-long term, a company will be more agile in its nature, and will ensure it hires candidates with the right blend of hard and soft skills.

A by-product of long-term acquisition planning is the clear career progression opportunities visible to employees, ultimately leading to promotion into more senior or specialised roles.

2. Provide world-class training

Whether in partnership with established institutions or through an internal mentorship program, investing in staff learning will ensure an organisation keeps abreast of the latest trends and developments, while fostering relationships and building the desired business culture.

Investing time and money in employee development will demonstrate a commitment to staff, making them more likely to reciprocate.

3. Implement regular reviews and goal setting

A transparent and defined career path, with clear goals, expectations and rewards, increases staff engagement by encouraging meritocracy. Through regular reviews and goal setting employers can ensure employees are contributing to the overall business objectives, and fulfilling the primary functions of their roles.

4. Create opportunities

Creating opportunities for employees to shine will go a long way to ensuring their job satisfaction.Whether through providing challenging work, promoting creativity and innovation or enabling staff to champion elements of their role throughout the business, providing exposure and recognition has many benefits.

5. Promote fair pay and equality

No longer an industry exclusively dominated by men, employers can actively do more to ensure female staff are paid fairly, compared to their male counterparts, and get the same opportunities for advancement to senior roles.

6. Hire through a specialist

Working with a business to define the scope of the role, a digital recruitment specialist will use their in-depth knowledge of the market to an organisation’s advantage.

Not only guaranteeing a pool of candidates with the desired skills and mindset, a specialist recruiter will ensure the employees welcomed into the business are committed to building their careers with the organisation.