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Dating rules that apply to recruitment

Dating rules that apply to recruitment

Nervous. Sweaty palms. Just try to relax.

From making the right first impression through to the getting to know each other phase and the potential break-up, the processes involved in looking for a job and a partner are becoming increasingly similar.

With the science behind matching candidates and employers borrowed from dating websites where algorithms are used to decipher compatibility, there’s no end to the similarities between job hunting and dating.

When embarking on a job search or hunt for a partner, here are a few rules to keep front of mind.

1. Appearances can be deceiving

The most attractive partners and big brand jobs are often not all you think they’re going to be. It’s important to think strategically about your next partnership and to be realistic with your expectations.

2. You can’t force a connection that isn’t there

If there’s no spark on your first date or interview, and you’re coming from completely different worlds, accept that it’s just not meant to be.

3. Honesty is always the best policy

To build a lasting relationship both parties need to be honest about their expectations and open to compromise.

4. You shouldn’t take the first thing that comes along

You need to take the time to assess what it is you’re really looking for and shouldn’t be swayed by someone else’s interest in you.

5. Communication is king

Just as there needs to be consistent communication between hiring managers, recruiters and candidates in the hiring process, providing regular feedback is key to any relationship.

6. Desperation is a turn off

Potential employers and dates can sense desperation a mile off. Be enthusiastic and engaging without giving too much away.

7. Always be yourself

In social situations like first dates and job interviews it’s not necessarily your book smarts that will carry you through, but your personality and the human connections you can make.