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Pauley Creative case study

Pauley Creative case study

Pauley Creative is a UK-based digital marketing agency that works with organisations within the construction industry and the built environment on everything, from digital marketing strategy through to web design and build. Founded by Nick Pauley over 19 years ago, Pauley Creative currently employs seven members of staff.

An undeniably niche business, Pauley Creative first contacted Digital People with a requirement for a Business Development Manager to join the team. Yet, after meeting owner Nick and understanding where the business wants to be, the search shifted to encompass a broader role, filled by new Head of Sales, David Watling.

Nick's Perspective

Pauley Creative is a company that’s used to recruiting through word of mouth, online advertising, or a local agency. We’re a small agency that’s grown a bit, then restructured a bit, repositioned a bit, thengrown again. We’ve had mixed success in the past, but some experiences had left us skeptical.

Recruiting into a small business, in general, seems tough. If anything it’s been the lack of well-skilled candidates that’s the problem in digital - we’ve had to recruit for attitude foremost and then train up which has taken time and cost.

We previously made a senior hire and it didn’t go well. It cost me a lot of money, lost time, and resulted in a loss of confidence. One of the things I learned from the experience is that in a small firm you have to get buy-in from the entire team and that they need to be involved in the decision-making process.

When I met Digital People I explained that the most recent experience had left us a bit raw and because of that we needed some reassurances. The founder Ed did a great job of putting our minds at ease and was extremely proactive in finding strong candidates, just as he’d said they would. Ed was happy and enthusiastic about having the team involved, and he gave us a lot of confidence they’d find the right guy.

They managed our expectations well from a timings perspective and then over-delivered, getting our man in place much sooner than we anticipated. In our initial conversations, Ed mentioned that they’d prefer to give us just one benchmark candidate. However, as we wanted to see a few candidates they listened to our concerns, and presented several very solid candidates along with their benchmark, David.

Their benchmark candidate was on the money, and this ultimately led us to stop the process halfway through and offer David the position. It’s early days but it’s clear that David has fit into our team incredibly well - he’s generating revenue already and has hit the ground running. He’s proven to be exactly what we needed.

We never believed that we’d be this far down the line with our new Head of Sales but that’s testament to Digital People’s understanding of the role. Digital People is exactly the kind of partner we’d want to work with time and time again.

The process, the outcome, and the way Digital People communicate are first-rate. We’ll be using Digital People again as our team grows.

David's Perspective

Ed and the team at Digital People have an enviable place at the top of the digital recruitment industry.

Where almost all other agencies are quantitative-based - with commission-hungry recruiters only interested in putting large numbers of candidates forward, regardless of their suitability - Digital People offer something different.

They are highly consultative, and create valuable insight into the DNA of their clients and their requirements, often challenging their original needs for the good of their business.

They insisted on a face-to-face meeting, and I found it refreshing that the founder Ed had thoroughly read my CV, and gained an understanding of my experience before we met. Now that I’ve been successfully matched into my new role it’s clear that they really understood the client’s needs and have the ability to make successful and profitable long-term placements.

Please don’t judge all recruitment companies the same way, Digital People are in a different league!