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Sausage factory recruitment is the wurst

Sausage factory recruitment is the wurst

Let’s be frank

No candidate wants to be treated like a sausage, and no hiring manager wants to pay for a hot dog without any “dog” in it. Yet the sausage factory mentality of stuffing candidates into rolls that don’t fit still prevails in the recruitment industry.

From dressing pigs up in blankets and tripe talking, to bratish behaviour, sometimes recruiters can be the wurst. Food for thought when thinking about your next move or strategic hire, here are three ways sausage factory recruitment takes the ketchup!

It doesn’t add value

With Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) data showing that the value of the recruitment industry reached £28.7bn in 2013/14, its no wonder many parties feel as though they’ve been left with Scotch egg on their face after a poor match. And as too many candidates pass through some of the bigger sausage factory agencies faster than they can say “saveloy”, a different approach is needed.

Rather than focussing on rapid turnover and high targets, at Digital People we take a more collaborative and strategic approach with our clients, sourcing the highest quality candidates for them to chorizo from.

It alienates everyone involved in the process

When a recruiter disappears to Cumberland or Lincolnshire as soon as an invoice has been paid, the experience can burn bridges like hot mustard on a chipolata.

Instead of being battered by statistics, at Digital People we take the time to build long-lasting relationships with both our candidates and clients. With the emphasis on creating the perfect mash, we make it a priority to check in with both parties long after the placement.

It’s self-defeating

Perhaps the wurst-case-scenario from every perspective is when a recruiter doesn’t listen or simply doesn’t care. Flakier than a Mary Berry sausage roll, nothing is more frustrating than a recruiter who doesn’t understand the client’s brief and can’t answer the most basic questions about the role.

At Digital People we welcome a good grilling and will do everything in our power to learn about the needs of both parties. So rather than feeding into a process that leaves candidates and clients banger-ing their heads against the wall, we take a more gourmet approach.

If you’ve got the stomach for building quality long-lasting relationships within digital, we can help link you to your ideal match.